In Lieu of…

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In lieu of a post with real content, I’m going to continue to work on the site and get stuff working right.  But for now, here are the videos I did for on building Pentest Labs.  If you haven’t checked out, it’s a definite must in my opinion.  Jason does some pretty great work over there, and every once in a while he lets me ruin the quality of his site a bit.

First we start with a basic lab for Network testing.  Check out the write up that goes with the video at

From there, we move on to setting up the lab for Web App Testing with some intentionally vulnerable apps.  Again, to get the full use of this video, read the write up at

Again, nothing new here, but if you haven’t played with setting up your own lab, you really should. The labs can be created practically for free. You can even get a free, legal, XP VM from NIST. Follow the instructions found in the Metasploit Unleased framework released by Offensive Security. Depending on what Virtualization application you use, you may need to convert the vhd file with vSphere Converter from VMware (which is also free).  Hopefully, I’ll end up doing a part 3 here soon “Playing with Domains” so keep an eye out.


And so it begins….

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Recently, I realized that I’ve been sitting around to much.  Aside, of course, from the random project here or there, and the seemingly endless job search.  I decided that it was time to start something.  So here it is, Laz3rNet.

The whole idea is to have a place of my own.  Post whatever small project or video I decide to do. Who knows, maybe a big one too.  Point is, the options are open, and I am free to do whatever it is I feel.

I will try to keep everything moderately updated.  At least once a week.